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Welcome to HandyProgs.com website! Our company creates easy to operate and cost effective tools for automation of business processes.



Automation of business processes

We'll be pleased to help you automate various business processes, starting from small ones and finishing up with relatively big in terms of number of people involved, importance of the process and amount of time spent. There can be many outcomes from this:


- Possibility to introduce some process which is not in place.

- Chance to increase efficiency of some existing process, which takes a long time to support in the way it is.

- Increased control over processes, increased transparency, blocking unauthorized actions, control by exception.

- Simplification of data collection, consolidation and analysis.

- Simplification of data sharing and informing.

- Possibility to create dashboard showing most important indicators of work of your organization.

- Possibility to convert data from one format to another for various purposes.


In other words, smart automation of mentioned processes will allow you to do more while paying a smaller cost and effort. Benefits of this approach would be following:


- Soon availability of result

- High level of customization

- Affordable cost of development

- Ease to use and support

Software development using Microsoft Office technology

We can bring additional efficiency and value to your business at extremely reasonable cost by automating your repetitive tasks. This would be achieved by developing bespoke applications based on MS Office technology, with focus on MS Excel and MS Access.


By ordering bespoke software you'll receive a solution, which will perfectly match your specific requirements and working practices. This solution will be easily changeable when your business dictates a need for such change. This can be also integrated with your existing applications through data exchange interfaces.


We are able to offer you immediate start and very short solution delivery period, so you don't have to wait too long for result.

Please contact us for more information.


Please express your thoughts, questions and comments at: support@handyprogs.com

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