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1. Loan payments calculator.


Loan payments calculator made purely in Excel provides you an opportunity to determine monthly or annual loan payment schedule with 2 different payment methods - classical payment (when loan body payment is fixed and interest fee decreases from month to month, so that total loan payment also decreases from month to month while you pay off your loan) or annuity payment (when total monthly payment is fixed over a specified period of time).

It is possible to include commission fee into the model, also to compare payments calculated with these 2 different methods.




2. Income and expense tracker.


Personal income and expense tracker made in Excel provides you an opportunity to keep record of your earnings and spending, create custom income or expense accounts, generate daily or monthly balance report, generate pivot reports. You can also plan your future cash flow by entering projected income or expenses for future dates. You may keep planned version in separate file, then you will be able to compare it with actual figures.





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