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If you need easy to use and easy to support order collection tool, which allows collecting orders from people within the group or organization within periodic order cycles (defined by administrator), you are in the right place.

This tool is useful, for example, for collecting stationery orders from employees, for collection of software installation orders, scheduled equipment change requests to IT department, company products orders or any other purpose where many users need to order something from a list and administrator of the system needs to have all order data grouped and summarized in a proper way.

With a few simple steps the tool will make it possible. All you have to do is:

  •   extract order tool files to shared network folder;

  •   set up user groups (“departments”), product groups (“categories”) and order schedule;

  •   import price-list from external spreadsheet (template is provided), assign product groups to price-list items;

  •   enjoy using!

System requirements:

Microsoft® Excel 2002 and higher, Microsoft ® Access™ 2002 and higher.

In order to make sure that everything works well in your system please try free version which has all functionality, but limited to 1 user who can place an order. You can also view screenshots and user’s manual.

If you purchase full version*—you will be able to use 1 instance of Order Collection Tool with unlimited number of users who can place their orders through the system.


* At the moment money back option is not yet in place so we kindly ask you before purchasing full version to study user’s manual and test free version to see if it is what you need.






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