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There are many order taking software types in the world. Order entry and whole order taking process can be maintained as part of functionality of bigger systems (ERP, CRM), or as standalone solutions. Many of these are designed to support day-to-day order taking activity of companies which is related to main profit-generating selling activity. Such solutions are huge and complicated, they can provide you with order entry simplification functionality, complex pricing scenarios support; block-release, quota management, credit check functions, wide analysis capabilities, web-based order taking support and so on.

However there are situations when you don’t need all this stuff and just want some simple tool that would let you automate taking of orders from users within organization, who are connected together by local area network. It can be, for example, monthly collection of stationery orders, or maybe some regular taking of orders of company’s products for employees, etc. Here user would need to log into the system, browse through items to see what’s available and at what price, put quantity which he or she would like to order and press a button to save the order. Until specified deadline any user can come back and change or cancel his/her order if needed.

At the end, administrator of the system (office manager, secretary or any other person, who’s responsible for it) would see consolidated information about how many of each product was ordered, how much money each user should pay (if required) as well as all order details, so he could use this information for further order processing. Thus, order taking process, validation of order entry data from users and consolidation of data would be fully automated, at the same time this system would be very easy to implement and support. Moreover, it would not require any specific knowledge from those, who’d use it or those, who’d be administrating this system. You can see that from the one hand it would not be full-scale order management system, but from another hand it would be extremely cost effective and really easy to use tool.


We would like to offer such order taking software to your attention. It would be especially beneficial for those, who are tired of consolidating data from e-mails (in many cases such data arrives in different formats, which complicates manual consolidation even more). It incorporates Microsoft ® Office™ technologies, thus very easy to use and makes familiar to millions of users look-and-feel impression. We expect that you’ll like using this tool, so if you’d like to improve it or add some feature which is not yet in place – please write us at: and our developers would be happy to implement most demanded order taking features free of charge.


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