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Let us introduce simple and useful manager’s record bookspecially designed to keep all important records related to the team you are responsible for.

It’s a common practice that managers create some customized templates in Excel or other application in order to track time off, put some important notes about team members (agreements, tasks set and so on), keep a record of important dates. While helping a lot, such templates require plenty of time to develop. Given busyness you may want to purchase ready-to-use solution rather than create it from scratch.

Exactly for such situations we’ve designed this easy to operate and extremely affordable application built in Microsoft Access. If you didn’t have an experience of working in MS Access, don’t worry, this application does not require any specific knowledge from you. You just need to extract files and start working by pressing navigation buttons, filling tables with information and viewing results.

So, please enjoy and send us information about features you find useful and those you need but they are missing. According to your feedback we’ll be happy to enhance our application and make it really best of all you can get for this price. Unlike big corporate software, our solutions can be changed very quickly and you can truly expect important functionality updates to come few weeks or even days after approval.


This application allows you to easily keep and review information about:

  •   Employees` details (contacts, picture);

  •   Employees` career path;

  •   Employees` events, anniversaries;

  •   Notes, comments related to each employee;

  •   Time off journal, time off balance, time off accruals;

  •   Time off graphical representation.

System requirements:

Windows Operating System; Microsoft Access, Microsoft Access Runtime version 2007 or higher.

In order to make sure that everything works well in your system please try free version which has all functionality except adding, removing or modifying employees. You can also view screenshots and user’s manual.

If you purchase full version*—you will be able to use 1 instance of Manager`s Record Book with unlimited number employees that can be stored in the database.


* At the moment money back option is not yet in place so we kindly ask you before purchasing full version to study user’s manual and test free version to see if it is what you need.






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