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Here's extremely easy to use and extremely affordable Excel tool, which goal is to help replenishment planners to define, what quantity of which product at which week it’s necessary to bring in order to support required inventory level at their warehouse.

This tool would perfectly fit various small and medium-size businesses who don't want or don't need to buy expensive replenishment planning software, however would still like to gain automation of replenishment planning process.

The tool works in weekly planning cycles for 1 year planning horizon. As an input it requires following information:

1. List of products to work with.

2. Product parameters: minimum order quantity, incremental quantity, minimum and maximum required inventory level (in weeks of coverage).

3. List of suppliers or supply groups, under which products with common transportation lead time and replenishment mode* are grouped.

4. Sales forecast by product, by week.

5. Current available stock, in-transit stock and already confirmed orders.


* This tool supports 2 replenishment modes:

1) when reorder point is fixed, i.e. when supply occurs at certain preset weeks. In this case order is calculated such way, that order quantity will be sufficient to cover sales plan and minimum inventory level requirement until it’s time for next order to arrive;

2) when order can be placed at any week. In this case order quantity is calculated to be as small as possible in order to meet minimum inventory level requirement.

System requirements:

Microsoft® Excel 2002 and higher.


In order to make sure that everything works well in your system please try free version which does all calculations, but does not save versions, does not let you copy planning results and cannot provide you modelling functionality. You can also view screenshots and user’s manual.

In order to utilize all functionality, please purchase full version.






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